Christopher Mallick: Each One Will Move Forward

The participants in the latest documentary from Christopher Mallick learned some things from each other.  Each has embraced a new venture that involves a new career.  Some became artists, while others embarked on careers as writers or social activists.  Life after involvement in adult films is possible with enough patience and persistence.  Christopher Mallick was reaching out to people outside the industry, but he has impacted current adult film stars as well.  Those who have departed are able to encourage those who might be considering leaving the adult film industry.  Each person who takes the time to watch the film gains understanding.

Christopher Mallick: Most Downloaded Documentary

Randy West from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

Randy West from the documentary After Porn Ends produced by Christopher Mallick

Every film producer wonders how a project will be accepted in the marketplace.  Christopher Mallick has produced a new documentary titled, “After Porn Ends.”  He thought it would be received well, but he never dreamed it would jump to the top spot on the list.  Great interest has been shown for the interviews of former adult film stars.  Each person has a unique perspective on “normal life” after a career in the adult film industry.  Christopher Mallick wanted to bridge the gap between reality and perception.  These very real people have lives and families that have always existed outside the industry.

Christopher Mallick: Documentary with Interviews

Luke Ford from the documentsry After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

Luke Ford from the documentsry After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

“After Porn Ends” is the new documentary produced by Christopher Mallick.  Throughout the film, former adult film stars share their personal experiences following the departure from the porn industry.  Personal stories enable them to reach out to others who want to leave the adult film industry but are afraid to do so.  Christopher Mallick emphasized the importance of sharing the real-life struggle that followed each one into different careers.  Some have become television stars, writers, social activists and even one bounty hunter.  The purpose of the documentary has caused people to take notice.  Some people believe all current adult film stars should watch the film.

After Porn Ends:!/AfterPornEnds

Christopher Mallick: Friends and Family Stray

Houston from After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

Houston from After Porn Ends produced by Chris Mallick

Interviewees on the new documentary titled “After Porn Ends” have shared their heartache over broken relationships.  Christopher Mallick wanted the former adult film stars to have a way to tell their stories.  Fame built as an adult film star has caused rifts in families that can be healed through departure from the industry.  Each interviewee knows the uphill battle that others will face as they decide to find new professions.  Some faced challenges in finding work because of the level of fame that preceded their departure.  Others have simply left their pasts behind in the effort to create new relationships and careers.

Christopher Mallick: Innovative Filmmaking

Chirstopher Mallick and Luke WIlson

Christopher Mallick with star of Middle Men Luke Wilson

Broad personal and professional experience has created the foundation for the filmmaking interests of Christopher Mallick. Christopher Mallick approaches his movies in a way that is new and refreshing.  The script drives every decision concerning the cast and the filming locations.

Cast members and filming locations are chosen to compliment the script. Christopher Mallick and his team have proven that film components meld best when the script drives the production process. Christopher Mallick favors projects that are based on true stories and events. Mallick assures scriptwriters the freedom to transform mundane events and characters into intriguing film components for the storyline. Original film content is never interrupted by the use of special effects. Through this method, the focus is to preserve the use of original content in films.