Christopher Mallick: Innovative Filmmaking

Chirstopher Mallick and Luke WIlson

Christopher Mallick with star of Middle Men Luke Wilson

Broad personal and professional experience has created the foundation for the filmmaking interests of Christopher Mallick. Christopher Mallick approaches his movies in a way that is new and refreshing.  The script drives every decision concerning the cast and the filming locations.

Cast members and filming locations are chosen to compliment the script. Christopher Mallick and his team have proven that film components meld best when the script drives the production process. Christopher Mallick favors projects that are based on true stories and events. Mallick assures scriptwriters the freedom to transform mundane events and characters into intriguing film components for the storyline. Original film content is never interrupted by the use of special effects. Through this method, the focus is to preserve the use of original content in films.

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